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Summary Whilst not excessively complex, a number of steps are involved in setting up an Android development environment. Такие документы должны быть получены не ранее чем за тридцать дней до дня обращения истца в арбитражный суд. 2. Документы, прилагаемые к исковому заявлению, могут быть представлены в арбитражный суд в электронном виде. Основой для заполнения справочных данных о площади и затратах под урожай будущего года и подъему зяби к форме 9-АПК (строки 951-971) является производственный отчет по растениеводству (форма 18). Сбор продукции с 1 гектара определяется делением сбора продукции всего на фактически посеянную площадь. The application name is the name by which the application will be referenced and identified within Android Studio and is also the name that will be used when the completed application goes on sale in the Google Play store. Note that the layout has picked up the new resource value for the welcome string. The activity will consist of a single user interface screen layout which, for the purposes of this example, should be named activity_android_sample as shown in Figure 3-5 and with a menu resource named menu_android_sample: Figure 3-5 Finally, click on Finish to initiate the project creation process.

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For the purposes of this example, however, simply select the option to create a Blank Activity. Finally, use the Project view to locate the app -> res -> values -> strings.xml file and double click on it to load it into the editor. The Master/Detail Flow option will be covered in a later chapter. With the Designer tool in Text mode, click on the “@string/welcomestring” property setting so that it highlights and then press Ctrl+B on the keyboard. The first step in modifying the application is to delete the TextView component from the design. Once selected, press the Delete key on the keyboard to remove the object from the layout. In the Palette panel, locate the Widgets category. This is a visual cue to the fact that the color red has been set on a property. Причем по зерновой продукции в расчет принимается физическая масса зерна после доработки. This indicates a possible problem and provides some recommended solutions. The next step is to change the text that is currently displayed by the TextView component. Change the color value to #a0ff28 and note that both the small square in the margin and the preview change to green.

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Components may also be added by selecting the required object from the palette and then simply clicking on the layout at the location where the component is to be placed. Android supports a variety of different layouts that provide different levels of control over how visual user interface components are positioned and managed on the screen. Though it is difficult to tell from looking at the visual representation of the user interface, the current design has been created using a RelativeLayout. Tom’s guide in the world Germany France Italy Ireland UK Follow Tom’s guide Subscribe to our newsletter add to twitter add to facebook ajouter un flux RSS. Для заполнения формы 9-АПК в части прямых затрат труда на продукцию — всего (графы 5) используются данные производственного отчета по растениеводству (форма 18), отраженные по статье «Расходы на оплату труда» по аналитическим счетам. Although varying in complexity and content, all user interface layouts are structured in this hierarchical, XML based way. There is also a quick way to access the value of a resource referenced in an XML file. The best way to achieve this goal is to create an Android application and compile and run it.

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Остальные показатели формы заполняют по данным специальных расчетов произвольной формы, составленных в конце года. Lesson 1: Note values, duration, and time signatures (video) | Khan Academy If you’re seeing this message, it means we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website. If you’re behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains * and * are unblocked. This chapter will cover the creation of a simple Android application project using Android Studio. Себестоимость каждого вида продукции растениеводства (всего и единицы) заполняется на основании расчета себестоимости продукции растениеводства, составляемого в конце года. В нем по каждому виду продукции себестоимость исчисляется по установленной методике. The higher the minimum SDK selection, the more the application will be restricted to newer Android devices. A useful chart (Figure 3 3) can be viewed by clicking on the Help me choose link.

Use this opportunity to revert the string resource back to the original “Welcome to Android Studio” text. Раздел II. Производство в арбитражном суде первой инстанции.Исковое производство Глава 13. Предъявление иска Статья 125. Форма и содержание искового заявления 1. Исковое заявление подается в арбитражный суд в письменной форме. PreviousTable of ContentsNext Setting up a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X Android Studio Development EnvironmentA Tour of the Android Studio User Interface You are currently reading the Android Studio 1.x — Android 5 Edition of this book. One of the more powerful features of Android Studio can be found to the right hand side of the XML editing panel. The user interface design for our activity is stored in a file named activity_android_sample.xml which, in turn, is located under app -> res -> layout in the project file hierarchy. Modifying the Example Application At this point, Android Studio has created a minimal example application project and opened the main project. The Package Name is used to uniquely identify the application within the Android application ecosystem. It should be based on the reversed URL of your domain name followed by the name of the application.

Finally, we looked at the underlying XML that is used to store the user interface designs of Android applications. Creating a New Android Project The first step in the application development process is to create a new project within the Android Studio environment. Begin by clicking on the TextView object within the user interface view so that it appears with a blue border around it. Figure 3-4 With the Blank Activity option selected, click Next. On the final screen (Figure 3-5) name the activity and title AndroidSampleActivity. Figure 3-3 Since the project is not intended for Google TV, Google Glass or wearable devices, leave the remaining options disabled before clicking Next. Android Studio will subsequently open the strings.xml file and take you to the line in that file where this resource is declared. Doing so enables changes to the appearance of the application to be made by modifying resource files instead of changing the application source code. Before running the application, however, the next chapter will take a small detour to provide a guided tour of the Android Studio user interface. Статья 131. Отзыв на исковое заявление 1. Ответчик обязан направить или представить в арбитражный суд и лицам, участвующим в деле, отзыв на исковое заявление с указанием возражений относительно предъявленных к нему требований по каждому доводу, содержащемуся в исковом заявлении. Creating an Activity The next step is to define the type of initial activity that is to be created for the application. A range of different activity types is available when developing Android applications.

Для заполнения формы используются данные производственного отчета по растениеводству (форма 18), производственного отчета по животноводству (форма 18а) в части количества отработанных в отраслях человеко-часов. The Project tool window has a number of modes in which information can be displayed. By default, this panel will be in Android mode. You are currently reading the Android Studio 1.x — Android 5 Edition of this book. Сбор урожая с 1 гектара насаждений и себестоимость единицы определяется расчетным путем. Once the project has been created, a later chapter will explore the use of the Android emulator environment to perform a test run of the application. Note also that a small red square appears in the left hand margin (also referred to as the gutter) of the XML editor next to the line containing the color setting. The newly created project and references to associated files are listed in the Project tool window located on the left hand side of the main project window.

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