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Hand Adjustable High Speed Needle — Conveniently tune your engine’s high speed needle by hand — no tools necessary! Featuring a wide range of improvements, a huge jump in power and several option parts now as standard, the Savage X 4.6 is going to set the new standard for big block monster trucks. HPI designers and engineers have continued to improve the Savage X, making the best even better! Also contains detailed instruction manual and HPI RC Cars DVD. Ready to bash straight from the box! The HPI RC Car DVD is your personal RC car expert in a box! The massive tyres with chunky treads, big pick-up style bodyshell, and the flashy aggressive paint job all scream ‘Watch out, I’m coming through’! If there’s one thing the Savage X can do without even running its engine, is scare away the competition! Low CG TVP chassis The new chassis design lowers the center of gravity for stable handling and faster lap times. Clear bodyshells — Design your own custom paint scheme! The innovative design also offers unprecedented protection from dirt and dust 861 — Savage X SS1/8 scale 4WD nitro powered truck kit with K4.6 (cc); engine, clear & trimmed Nitro GT-2 truck body. Front and Rear Skidplate Bumpers Realistic skidplate bumpers made of high impact nylon look great and minimize crash damage. Hardened 4-gear diff setup can handle the abuse of high-horsepower engines like the F4.6. Cam-type servo saver steering arms improve the efficiency and power of the steering servo.

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The TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis plates have been modified at both ends in increase the truck’s durability. The external starter is a motor-driven gearbox which spins a hexagonal steel shaft and is powered by a standard 7.2-volt nickel cadmium battery pack. A pinned ball joint at the end of the shaft mates with a socket on the rear of the engine-mounted one-way bearing assembly. More power was an area of interest for many people. The Roto-Start kept the weight-saving advantages of the pull start with the extra added convenience of electric starting via an external electric starter. Heavy duty diff shafts, cup joints, drive shafts and dogbones are used for maximum strength and durability. Adjustable dual disk fade-resistant brake set for incredible stopping power. New shock towers have three different shock mounting positions for a variety of suspension setups. New lightweight GT-2 tyres with aggressive tread pattern for excellent all-terrain traction and long tyre lifetime. To add cool looks, the GT-2 tyres are mounted and pre-glued on Chrome Warlock wheels. #861 Savage X 4.6 SS Kit The Savage X SS 4.6 is our most powerful and toughest Savage ever. The final release date was spring 2014, With the models shipping a few weeks after the announcement. A few design changes took place including different chassis plates and rollover protection to accommodate the larger motor and cooling needs, as well as a redesigned shell and livery. Heavy Duty DogbonesA powerful engine requires a heavy duty drivetrain for durability. We’ve got you covered with heavy duty dogbones, diff shafts and cup joints. 2 Speed!

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Overview of the Savage Trucks The HPI Savage RC truck family includes: the HPI Savage 21 RTR, Savage SS, and Savage 25 RTR, HPI Savage X, and HPI Savage XL. These RC trucks were released in that order. RTR stands for Ready to Run. The engine mount now has an adjustable nose support for the engine, designed to prevent the engine from moving during hard landings or crashes. Finally, to make sure you can stop this beast as quickly as you might need to, the Savage X 4.6 is equipped with a new twin vented disk brake made from a space-age heat-resistant fibre material to give you fantastic stopping power! Go Where Buggies and Truggies Fear To Tread! The adjustable body posts can easily be set to the correct height for all bodyshells. Radio box features openings for a battery charging jack and #308 illuminated Battery Level Indicator (not included). The low centre of gravity chassis drops the engine, centre gearbox and radio 5mm lower than the Savage 25, resulting in better handling and faster lap times. With a top speed of over 70kph (43mph), hitting a ramp with something this size is something that absolutely must be seen to be believed! Reliable HPI Radio System A high quality «pistol grip» design universal radio set is included. The entire drivetrain is equipped to handle the K4.6 power. Availability for purchase was originally announced for 2012, but the release date was pushed into 2013. Then further delayed release of the Savage XL Octane to 2014, claiming it was under further development.

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The clutchbell is now a 17 tooth unit. In 2011, HPI released a newer model of the Savage X 4.6 Savage XL[edit] Released in April 2008. This Savage includes a new K5.9 (.36) motor with aluminum tuned pipe and a stretched chassis. High grip Dirt Bonz tyres put the power to the ground, and they’re nearly 40% lighter than our standard Savage tyres for quicker acceleration. To beef up the braking our dual disc brake kit is standard, featuring two vented stainless steel disc brakes and a machined steel brake hub. Even the steering has been upgraded to an accurate cam-type servo saver, delivering quick steering response and added servo protection. This truck offered customers a great new monster truck design that was different than anything available at the time. As touched upon earlier, one of the special features of the Savage 21 truck was the unique chassis design. Engine mount with engine nose support, adjustable Thicker 2.5mm engine plate, 7075 aluminium. (previously 2.0mm); High Performance Polished Tuned Pipe Dual chamber design for higher top speed and wide power band. Pre-painted bodyshells — Unpack, clip on, get driving!

The enclosed pre-cut decal sheet gives it the realistic look! The knife-edged aluminium connecting rod is streamlined for performance and includes bushings on each end for added durability and strength.Innovative Dual Stage Air Filter DesignThe «High Flow» Dual Stage Air Filter dramatically reduces intake restriction as it smoothes and straightens air flow. The Savage X 4.6 RTR it is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Engineered for the most brutal of environments and built for durability in the most extreme terrain, the Savage X 4.6 is the ultimate ‘basher’ monster truck! Steel clutch bell spacer replaces brass insert and works with ball bearings to give maximum transmission efficiency. Easier To Work On! The center gearbox can be accessed without removing the chassis plates. Some of the upgrades to this Savage RC truck were as follows: New ribbed hex wheel hubs to help prevent stripped out wheels. A re-designed primerless fuel tank with rear fuel pickup for better fuel delivery. Savage SS[edit] Shortly after the Savage 21 was released, the Savage SS (Super Sport, meaning kit version) was released. It was an unassembled version of the Savage, based on the Savage 21, but came with some pre-included option parts such as an aluminum tuned pipe and an upgraded S-25 engine. The HPI Savage 25 RTR truck took some of the best features of both the Savage 21 and Savage SS, and combined these with additional features to make up an incredible ready to run package deal. Diff with alloy case Dual disk brake Included with the Savage X 4.6 are two of our latest option parts: #86827 Alloy Diff Cases and new stronger brake disks! The Savage is used for «bashing», which consists of jumps, flips, etc. and it shines in this area. new for 2016 is the Savage XL octane V2, Savage XL F5.9 and Savage XL Flux Several hobbyists have had success using the Savage for high speed using option tires and gearing.