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You are here: Up to 6 years Warranty All Vax products come with up to 6 year warranty Free Delivery All machines and solutions come with free delivery Expert Support Free expert support with all of our products. В связи с возросшей активностью нежелательных ботов на Hotlineс зарубежных IP-адресов, пожалуйста, подтвердите, что вы не являетесь таковым. You will find the serial number and model number located on the machine’s rating label (See below) Serial Number Model Number. Due to the increased activity of the unwanted bots from foreign IP addresseson Hotline, please confirm that you are not one of them. Powerful and lightweight. No loss of suction*. A rated for energy, A rated for hardfloor pick-up, A rated for carpet pick-up and A rated for emissions. 1350 reviewsOverall rating (4.6)Questions & answers. You can find your product number on the rating label located in various positions depending on your product. (See below) What is my model number?

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Search Vax Support… You can search for solutions to problems by entering your model number below:. Where can I find my model number? При этом качество уборки отличное и без спирали).

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